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Data-Powered Growth for Small Businesses Everywhere

The top 1% of U.S. businesses dominate their markets using data and technology. Now the other 99% can, too.

This Changes Everything

GoTackle is the first automated consulting and data analytics platform designed exclusively for small business owners and the vast network of small business supporters.

you can tackle it

Together, We’re Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Success

You’re motivated to create something new, something big—but the steps to get there seem overwhelming. We know what it’s like. That’s why we created GoTackle.

Tackle Data

First-party customer data turned automatically into usable insights so you can grow, scale and win.

Tackle Technology

Curated technology solutions to run every aspect of the business, with step-by-step implementation.

Tackle Capital

Easy access to capital where and when it’s needed most.

Tackle It Together

Collaboration tools and virtual workspaces for owners and supporters to work hand-in-hand toward business success.

we’re flipping the script

A Game Changer for Small Businesses and the Supporters Who Help Them Succeed

Small Businesses

From No Map to Roadmap

Starting out, every step needs to be the right one. GoTackle’s Playbooks point the way, whether you’re selling coffee, operating a boutique or styling hair.

Business Supporters

From No Sight to Insight

With visibility into each businesses’ performance, business supporters deliver data-driven advising and consistent levels of client service.

Small Businesses

From Slow Growth to Rapid Rise

With data insights, strategic capital and ongoing support, you reduce costs, increase efficiency and accelerate profitability.

Small Businesses & Supporters

From Frustration to Automation

A few clicks, and a business owner gets step-by-step guidance and a business supporter generates an economic impact report. Simple.


a single integrated platform

What Small Businesses Need to Compete—and Win

Finally—small businesses get a competitive edge right out of the gate, with data insights, integrated technologies, strategic capital and ongoing support—in a single, automated platform.

accelerated growth, success and sustainability

Work Together Like Never Before

Business owners see 3 TIMES the customer growth with GoTackle and are TWICE as profitable. Business supporters optimize their workflow and increase clients BY 50%.

“My parents – also small business owners – taught me that no problem is too big to tackle.”

Read about how a pandemic pivot led GoTackle founder and CEO Patrice Neely to an innovative solution for small businesses everywhere.

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